CHRISTIAN Persecution in india

Will you please pray for Manipur, India? There are accounts of families sleeping in open fields under police guard after fleeing to a neighboring village when homes, cars, and churches are being burned. There is currently no way to help, but we are investigating ways to bring sanctuary and relief. Airports and trains are unable to travel, and all neighboring villages are under attack. There is only occasional phone contact with some, but the internet, wireless, and wire fund transfers have been shut down at this time. Prayers are the only way to help. We have started a fund with the goal of $30,000 to help evacuate and aid the Christians that are being persecuted and trying to flee the area. Please pray and click here to give (choose India Persecution Relief Fund) right now! We are working with our own Abraham and Sheila Sekhar through their network in India to move funds, help, and aid to the Ekklesia boots on the ground. Scroll down to watch a video from Abraham Sekhar, and please click here to give! Thank you!


Please watch this short video from Abraham Sekhar and join us in prayer and support for the situation in Manipur, India. The hour is desperate, and the need is now. Please click here to give and select the India Persecution Fund.