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"Christ in the Passover"


Passover 2020

This is an unprecedented year for the church. We are on the edge of a major reset and have an incredible opportunity to celebrate Passover the way the Lord instructed Israel to observe it - in their homes. We need this Passover. We need the Lord to pass over us and keep pestilence and disease away from our homes. To spiritually combat the plans of the enemy over the nation and the people of God, we are claiming Psalm 91 over our lives, and we are celebrating Passover - the meal that heals.

Below is a list of the items you need to observe with us, the download link to the Haggada pdf file, and the link to the video you will watch of Pastor Jon walking through the entire event. Please take the time to gather these items ahead of time, and please feel free to cook a meal for your family and join us as we celebrate Jesus in the Passover.


    For the Seder Plate: A Lamb Shank, Parsely, Horseradish, Roasted Egg, *Charoset, three pieces of Matza, a *white napkin, and Salt Water. 

    You will also need two candles for the beginning of the meal on the table and a pitcher of water and a basin with a towel for the hand washing ceremony. Each guest will also need 4 cups of grape juice or wine.

    *Charoset is a mixture of apples, nuts, honey, raisins, and wine and represents and is the consistency of mortar.

    *The white napkin is used to wrap and hide what is called the "afikomen." Later in the meal, the children search for it and return it the head of the table for a prize or treat of some kind (If you have children present, please also include something to reward them for finding the "afikomen").

  • The MEal of your choice

    Feel free to make your family the dinner of your choice. Typically, chicken and nothing with yeast in it is servered about 2/3 of the way through the Seder presentation.


    You will need to DOWNLOAD the Haggada (Seder Meal Booklet) - CLICK HERE to follow along with the recording.

    You will need to CLICK HERE to access the video of Passover Celebration led by Pastor Jon Bunn (The Remnant Radio has graciously asked us to come and film our material in their studio. The link above will redirect you to their YouTube channel to play the video - We recomend connecting your laptop to your TV or using the YouTube app on your smart TV or using Airplay from an apple device to your TV).