Following is a brief synopsis of what we have done this year as a ministry, providing you with the information you need to continue or even increase your financial partnership with us so we can end the year strong!

In 2022, we took a leap of faith with our current facility that we share with six other kingdom-minded ministries. We increased the internet speed for the live streaming of our services and conferences and helped bless them with over $3,500 above our rent for facility repairs. We also increased our staff by bringing on three critical ministry positions in Children's ministry, tech, worship, and senior staff. This decision has been an incredible blessing. It has allowed us to expand our outreach to families, the city, and our ever-expanding connections with Hubs in other states. This leap of faith was almost $10,000 (WELL worth it).

We could directly bless the people of Israel for $2,000. In addition, we launched our first annual conference on "Living the Five-fold Life," and it was a unique and powerful time of equipping. We put this event together for a net expense of $3,500. We also held our annual Passover Dinner in the historic Roe v Wade courtroom in Dallas, TX. This year we took on the total costs of this event and invested $2,000 above our ticket costs to keep the costs down and fill the room. Our goal, as always, was to lift the sacrifice of Jesus and the cause of life. In addition, we responded to several opportunities to extend our reach and spiritual authority beyond our local fellowship in the Metroplex to the state of Texas. The states of Mississippi, Michigan, New York, and Washington D.C. Additionally, through Abraham and Sheila this year, we expanded into India, with costs totaling over $5,000. Finally, as we now do every year, we took our total tithes from November 2021. We poured them into our community at the homeless community of Fort Worth, a local homeless ministry, and the Fort Worth Women's Clinic (supporting life). Our other benevolence expenses this year have been almost $5,000, blessing many others in need.

The Lord has been extremely faithful over our five years in ministry. We have grown, welcomed new families, and said goodbye to others. We have had financial support increase, even while some significant support moved away from The Hub DFW. We are poised to launch our teaching and training materials in 2023 and only need $8,000 more toward our goal of $18,000 needed (see below for more information)! As you know, we do not have a heavy-handed emphasis on our financial needs, as we implicitly strive to trust the Lord in every area. We trust God to raise an additional $25,000 to catch up and end the year strong. We ask you to seek the Lord and sow your very best seed in this excellent soil to help us finish well.


Please partner with us in giving your time in service, resources, or prayer into our ministry. We thank you in advance and extend a blessing to you no matter what you can do to help us.

The Hub DFW Leadership Team



What an incredible season we are in right now! As of June 24, 2022, we are officially a post-Roe generation! We look forward to future opportunities for new life, breaking the death culture in America, and of course, a long-sought and awaited third great awakening! Lou Engle’s powerful prayer is a key to what is next. “Jesus, I plead Your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God, end abortion and send revival to America.” With God ending abortion at a national level, there is now an opportunity for revival on a national level! Think about that for a moment. If we can see God move to end abortion, can we believe He WILL now send revival? We believe it with all our hearts.


As we begin to see a new “baby boom,” and as we, the Ekklesia, live out the Gospel of Jesus to fill the void in homes and public services, we will need equipping like never before. To that end, we need you to join us to create resources and discipleship materials that reflect our culture, vision, and kingdom mandate to live a five-fold life and RE-present Jesus as He desires. We feel a mandate from the Lord in this hour to speak into this culture about the love, identity, and mission He wants with all of us. 


To get ahead of this revival wave, we desire to multiply our efforts and voice by launching “Hub Groups” across the metroplex and beyond. These groups will be the frontline and heartbeat of our ministry as centers for incarnational and “movemental” kingdom transformation. They will be places where people can find, experience, and model Jesus. We will learn from Him together and bring others to encounter Him and discover our fullest potential in Christ and live to express that everywhere we live, work, and play. They will be places where His presence, word, and power live in us and move among us. There will be a great need for these diverse discipleship materials. 


The ask is simple; we need $18,000 to buy cameras, lighting, audio and production gear, computers, software, and other materials necessary to host a space of excellence to create content for these Hub Groups and discipleship material for new believers in their next steps in faith. We are also endeavoring to create content that engages other leaders in a five-fold dialogue to help move the needle in the way we do “church” globally. We are excited to open this space to multiple voices and kingdom perspectives that reach across cultures and address the many issues facing the world through the words of Jesus. 

If you have spent any time around the leaders on our team, you know we desire to give our best efforts to the Lord in honor of His best given to us. Your partnership will help build this space and create content where we can highlight exceptional Christian leaders in various spheres of influence to encourage and equip the saints for the ministry work. It will also appeal to this generation and the next with a relaxed atmosphere and engaging content from many trusted voices from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. 

We want to provide top-quality, easily accessible material that will prepare this generation for the third great awakening and the return of the King for His bride. To help reach our goal, please click below and choose the "MEDIA” fund for a one-time or reoccurring offering. Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration and generosity. Also, below are some conceptual rendering of the studio space to help you visualize as you sow into this project.