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Below is an update on the COVID Relief efforts being taken in India. Over 5,000 pastors and evangelists have been taken due to COVID-19 and their families are devastated and they our help immediately. The need is too much for one, but together we can make a HUGE difference! Shalom and God bless! Please read the update and watch the video of Jon Bunn sharing the need with you. 

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NEED #1 - Emergency food

Because of Covid-19, Christian leaders are dying and families are being devastated. As many of you may already know, India just passed over 250,000 COVID deaths as of May 14, 2021. Of those 250,000 deaths, almost 5,000 of those deaths have occurred among pastors and evangelists (small reported number from just one ministry network).

These deaths are tragic in and of themselves because of how it is affecting the sheep and the very large hole it is leaving in leadership to spread the gospel to that nation. Above and beyond that tragedy, the 5,000 deaths of these ministry leaders leave behind 2,648 widows, 3,833 semi orphans, and 2,254 orphans (as of May 11, 2021).

With the primary provider gone… many of the families and the children will not be able to provide for themselves in the immediate, and because of their faith, many will NOT be welcomed back into the homes of grandparents, or parents of the deceased.


For $20 a month, you can supply emergency food for one of these families affected by the 5,000 COVID deaths. The total need is $100,000 per month ($20 x 5,000 families per month).

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In the state of Odisha, there are 10 acres of land with 72 single family row houses available for free! However, they all need to be renovated and restored for people to be able to live in them. Once there, these families can become self-supported through micro financed agricultural and farming projects over the next 6 months.


The estimated cost for that project breaks down in three sections.

  • Home Relocation Renovation Costs of 72 Houses
  • 6 Month Initial Needs and Expenses
  • Micro-investments to Establish Self-sufficiency


Each home is 180sqft and is approximately $1,500 US dollar per house. That’s about $8 per square foot!

With 72 homes needing renovation, that makes the total renovation costs for the ENTIRE project is right around $108,000 US Dollars!

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Need #2 - 6 months INITIAL NEEDS

Once our brothers and sisters have a place that is habitable, they need our help with provisions for their first six months until they can become self-supported through agriculture and farming.

Each of the 72 homes will average 4 people per household.
Each family of four needs only $250 for the entire initial 6 months!

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NEED #2 - Micro-investments

Lastly, each home needs micro-financed for their agricultural and farming projects so they can become self-sustaining within 6 months for only $843 per home! $61,000 US dollars will cover ALL 72 HOMES!

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